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Joomla – Comparison with other CMS

Joomla Content Management System (CMS ) which had its origin in Mambo CMS is all alone of most of all accessible lead off source satisfied management systems. How does it compare with other lead off source CMS in the market?

It is generally believed fact that the commercial CMS provide better post-installation assistance in documentation, training, stability, security issues etc. as with their support staff may be available when needed. This may not be conceivable in lead off source CMS which primarily runs on the support of volunteers and not regular staff. However, Joomla! is a pleasant exception!. With thousands of developers on the project, it has a built a reputation in behalf of its prompt and light customer service. Moreover, with a influential volunteer-base, Joomla! can boast of continual development resulting in timely upgrades and new releases.

You may look out at a rate of your specific CMS requirements, busy conditions, available resources and client requirements while choosing a CMS. Factors like price; implementation; documentation, training and support services and customization opportunities should not be overlooked.

Joomla is comparable to most leading CMS systems in terms of its features. Joomla! and Mambo provide an in-built get in touch management application and captcha (in behalf of challenge-response tru out) while Drupal, Plone and TYPO3 offer a very as with a gratuitous add-on. There are features which they each and all provide as with a gratuitous add-on - like job posting, forum, chat etc.

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