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New version of joomla 1.6 alpha 2

The second alpha version of Joomla 2.6 has been irrespective on the part of the project team. And this time, the ACL is in place. Read on in behalf of any more at a guess the new features and additions, and what's in store in behalf of the beta free up. First, I want to remind you fact that any one alpha or beta free up is only meant in behalf of evaluation and testing purposes. They should never be used on a live website.

Some new improvements/features:

  • ACL: access management for global permissions as well as content item specific permissions, variable usergroups, users member of more than one usergroup, permissions are inherited, really fast.
  • Extendable user profile, profile view in frontend, extendable user parameters
  • Tableless com_content layouts
  • Improved com_content modules (mod_articles_archive, mod_articles_latest, mod_articles_popular)
  • Article linker plugin for editors
  • New frontend template (atomic)
  • New backend template (bluestork)
  • New uploader for media manager
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