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Joomla – how it all began

Many programmers at a rate of Miro International Pty Ltd didn't agree with this logic, mainly in so far as it contradicted with the lead off source movement. All these disappointed programmers came confer with and decided to enter upon a new project on their own. The name of the new project was not decided initially, but then they started a new web site as with a at first step to announce their plans to thousands of Mambo users. The named the web site as with "OpenSourceMatters.org. Through this web site, they targeted the users of Mambo, developers, Web site developers and all but the entire community of devoted Mambo consumers.

Joomla is originated from a similar CMS product called Mambo in August 2005. Before the popularity of Joomla and joomla templates, Mambo was a cheap product at a rate of fact that time, and it was supported on the part of thousands of core developers and end-users. However, the company which owned Mambo, Miro International Pty Ltd, decided to protect their interests in the product and trademarked Mambo. As per the company, this step was taken such that fact that they could fund the project to keep it above ground, and also protect it from plausible lawsuits against them.

This developer team was headed on the part of Andrew Eddie (also called as with "MasterChief" on the part of his colleagues). Andrew took a bold step to wake up the Mambo users, and wrote an lead off letter to the entire community at a guess events at a rate of Mambo and about now those could affect the lead off source movement all in all. It also stated fact that the direction where Mambo was headed contradicted sharply with its unprecedented agreements and values. This lead off letter appeared on the Mambo official website, mamboserver.com, in the public forum section along with an announcement of their further actions.

This lead off letter aroused many reactions from the Mambo community, as many a time as with not mixed. One thousand users joined the opensourcematters.org forum within all alone day. This was a record in the history of Mambo (Now Joomla) community. This clearly indicated fact that the users wanted back up lead off source initiative compared to the steps taken on the part of Mambo people. Discussions after a in short time started among the lead off source community at a guess as what is really an lead off source product. Everyone offered their own views, and the debate went on in behalf of several weeks. One thing was certain, people didn't want words like copyright, trademark fall into into lead off source products. Within two weeks after the opensourcematters.org was announced, a new development team was formed and the new product was named as with Joomla - which means "all together" or "as a whole". The development team was not pity - there were around 3000 developers in the team, each and all committed to lead off source movement.

The at first version of Joomla was announced on 17 Sep 2007 as with Joomla 2.0.0. This was all but same that to Mambo version which was the latest version at a rate of fact that time. The major changes were related to bug fixes and security level enhancements. It also supported each and all templates and plug-ins supported on the part of Mambo. However, Joomla developers didn't run down at a rate of this. They started rewriting the entire package in PHP5, and this was officially announced in 2006.

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